Approach to Learning

Examination & Evaluation

The teacher will evaluate student work and give credit for assignments completed in timely manner.
Grades 1 to 5: Continuous Assessments.
Grades 6 : Two final exams in each school year. The dates of the finals are included in the school calendar. Stanford English/Mathematics Diagnostic Tests are administered annually to monitor students’ progress.

Grading System (Grades 1-3)

A+ 97.0 – 100.0 A 93.0 – 96.9
A- 90.0 – 92.9 B+ 87.0 – 89.9
B 83.0 – 86.9 B- 80.0 – 82.9
C+ 77.0 – 79.9 C 73.0 – 76.9
C- 70.0 – 72.9 D+ 67.0 – 69.9
D 63.0 – 66.9 D- 60.0 – 62.9
F 59 and below

Grading System (Grades 4-6)

A Excellent 100% – 90%
B Very Good 89% – 80%
C Good 79% – 70%
D Fair 69% – 60%
F Fail 59% – below

Grading System (Grades 4-6)

Grades Case Status
1 to 6v Passed all subjects (averaged 60% and above) Promoted to next level
Failed 1 subject AND averaged 60% or above Promoted to next level
Failed 2 subjects OR averaged less than 60% Promoted to next level

Placement Procedure

The following steps should be adhered to concerning placement tests:

  • Registrar will assign a placement test date and the subjects to be tested.
  • Placement exams will be arranged and checked by secretary in-charge of Exams upon registrar’s request.
  • Tests will be administered, corrected and rechecked by assigned teachers.
  • The result and recommendation will be forwarded to the registrar for the principal’s approval.
  • Tests are kept in the candidate’s file.


Applicants are granted acceptance based on the following:

  • Results of the entrance exam.
  • Recommendation of the school psychologist.
  • Interview of administrators with parents.

Report Cards

A report card will be sent to parents or guardians twice annually .
The school year has two semesters. This allows parents to monitor their children’s progress closely

Parent/Teacher Conference

Parents and teachers can communicate in group and individual in order to gain insight, understanding, and information about students’ performance. Cooperation from both parent and teacher is necessary for maintaining effectiveness and success of conferences.
The school organizes two general parent meetings annually besides individual meeting if the need arises.

Academic information

Preschool – Nursery, KG-1, KG-2, and KG-3

Elementary – Grades 1 to 6

The curriculum, methodology, techniques, and references are all based on the American System of schooling, which we find most befitting for the culture and diversity of our students.